Escape to Ireland this Summer

During April, FlyingInIreland Magazine was approached with a great idea to encourage UK based pilots to visit Ireland this summer. As we all know, there will be serious flying restrictions imposed on pilots in the south-east of England this summer due to the Olympics. Well there’s no better time to fly west and visit Ireland with our beautiful country side, abundance of uncontrolled airspace and welcoming hospitality. Our “Escape to Ireland” idea has drawn support from many Irish airfields which are listed below (and hopefully more to come). UK based pilots will be welcome to base their aircraft temporarily in Ireland at one of these airfields free of charge. You can then use this as a base to visit other airfields and enjoy our fantastic countryside from the air for the duration of the Olympic restrictions.

Here’s a nice video of some of the sights of Ireland from the air – of course you shouldn’t fly this low 😉

I’m a UK Based pilot and I want to “Escape to Ireland”

Take a look through the list of airfields below and see which one best suits your needs, facilities, location etc.  Contact the airfield owner / operator directly to see if they can facilitate your aircraft. Don’t forget the FlyingInIreland Magazine / National Microlight Association Fly-In that will take place on July 14th & 15th at Clonbullogue (EICL) – Click Here for more details. There are also two fantastic flight guides available for Ireland which you may be interested in looking at before visiting Ireland. They are the The Aviators Guide to Ireland and VFR Flight Guide Ireland

At the end April, the UK CAA and IAA came to an agreement to mutually recognise aircraft permits which will allow aircraft to fly much more freely in Ireland. Details of the agreement can be read HERE. The specific details can be found in IAA Aeronautical Notice A19 . Please check that the exemptions apply to your aircraft. Please also note that this notice only applies to aircraft permits and not to personal licences. If you hold an ICAO licence you are free to fly in Ireland without any restrictions. If you hold a non-ICAO licence (e.g. NPPL) you may need a validation to fly here. The National Microlight Association of Ireland (NMAI) can help you with the validation process. Details can be found HERE. There is a €80 fee for licence validations, however if you are attending an official NMAI event (i.e. the NMAI / FII Fly-in on July 14th / 15th at Clonbullogue) the validation is free once the paperwork is submitted via the NMAI. The validation is valid for 90 days so you can then fly for the rest of the summer in Ireland without restriction.

I operate an airfield and I would like to facilitate UK visitors to Ireland this summer

If you have spare hangarage or spare outdoor parking and you would like to make this available free of charge to UK visitors this summer please contact Mark Dwyer at [email protected] or 087 791 8742 for more information and to have your airfield added to the list below.

 Participating Airfields (hopefully more to come!)

Ardagh Airfield, Co. Limerick 
Coordinates: N52 30.553 W009 04.286Position: 1.5NM North of ArdaghAirspace: Class C (Inside Shannon CTR)Runway Dimensions: 520m x 10mRunway Orientation: 11/29Runway Surface: GrassFrequency: 123.450MHzElevation: 350ftContact: John Selman [email protected]   Comments: Microlights welcome. 
Ardfert Airfield, Co. Kerry 
Coordinates: N52 20.846 W009 45.824Position: 5NM North Northwest of TraleeAirspace: Class GRunway Dimensions: 400m x 10mRunway Orientation: 15/33Runway Surface: GrassFrequency: 123.450MHzElevation: 82ftContact: Brendan Gurnett +353 (0)87 2214648  [email protected] Comments: Will be extended to 480m from August 2012.
Enfield Airfield, Co. Kildare 
Coordinates: N53 23.108 W006 52.335Position: 1NM South Southwest of Johnstown BridgeAirspace: Class GRunway Dimensions: 310m x 10mRunway Orientation: 08/26Runway Surface: GrassFrequency: 123.450MHzElevation: 257ftContact: Padraig Higgins +353 (0)87 2225925  [email protected]   
Enniskillen Airport, Co. Fermanagh 
ICAO Identifier: EGABCoordinates: N54 23 56 W007 39 06Position: 3NM North of EnniskillenAirspace: Enniskillen ATZRunway Dimensions: 1326m x 30mRunway Orientation: 15/33Runway Surface: AsphaltFrequency: 123.200MHzElevation: 155ftContact: Noel Baskin 028 6632 9000 and  [email protected]Comments: We will offer FREE outside parking for the month of August (Normally £ 360.00 +20% VAT) to visiting aircraft, who will also be able to avail of our VAT Free and Duty Free fuel when flying into the beautifully scenic South of Ireland. Enniskillen Airport EGAB is open 09.00 – 17.00 local 7 days per week. Early morning and evening arrivals and departures can also be accommodated. We have car rental facilities on site, and loads of recommended B&B’s and hotels nearby. 
Erinagh Airfield, Co. Tipperary 
ICAO Identifier: EIERCoordinates: N52 48 45 W008 16 56Position: 4NM Southwest of NenaghAirspace: Class GRunway Dimensions: 600m x 18mRunway Orientation: 06/24Runway Surface: GrassFrequency: 118.175MHzElevation: 155ftContact: Padraig Hanly +353 (0)86 8101360  [email protected] 
Seven Parks Farm Airfield, Co. Dublin 
Coordinates: N53 36.592 W006 15.984Position: 2NM North NorthWest of NaulAirspace: Class GRunway Dimensions: 670m x 10mRunway Orientation: 09/27Runway Surface: GrassFrequency: 123.450MHzElevation: 190ftContact: JJ Dunne +353 (0)86 3319729  [email protected] Comments:  Only 12 minutes drive from Dublin Airport
Ruskey Airfield, Co. Donegal 
Coordinates: N54 50.473 W007 39.226Position: 6.5NM West of LiffordAirspace: Class GRunway Dimensions: 400m x 10mRunway Orientation: 04/22Runway Surface: GrassFrequency: 129.550MHzElevation: 200ftContact: Jon Kilpatrick +353 (0)87 2547730  [email protected]  Comments:  There is a mobile home on site which can sleep 6, it is clean and fully equipped with kitchen /bathroom /power /water and internet/tv etc There is no charge for any of the facilities.