This information is to be used as a guide only. Please refer to the Aeronautical Information Publication as the official source of navigation information.

VORs (VHF Omni Range)

BaldonnelBAL115.80 MHz531759.62N 0062652.00W
BelfastBEL117.20 MHz571838N 0021602W
ConnaughtCON117.40 MHz535429N 0084912W
CorkCRK114.60 MHz515026.19N 0082939.37W
DublinDUB114.90 MHz532957.75N 0061825.59W
ShannonSHA113.30 MHz524315.64N 0085306.77W
WestonWST114.70 MHz532109.97N 0062938.09W

NDBs (Non Directional Beacon)

BelfastOY332 kHz544133.53N 0060507.29W
Belfast CityHB420 kHz543655.79N 0055255.00W
ClonmelCML387 kHz522713.50N 0072848.27W
ConnaughtOK398 kHz535526.15N 0084159.25W
ConnaughtKNK364 kHz535347.41N 0085613.20W
CorkOB362 kHz514518.44N 0082626.16W
DonegalCFN361 kHz550238.42N 0082021.39W
DublinOE316 kHz532548.63N 0062543.68W
DublinOP397 kHz532449.65N 0060818.09W
EnnisENS352 kHz525418.55N 0085539.98W
EnniskillenEKN357 kHz542358N 0073919W
FoynesFOY395 kHz523358.52N 0091143.48W
GalwayCRN321 kHz531803.89N 0085630.31W
GarristownGAR407 kHz533143.30N 0062650.87W
GormanstonGMN334 kHz533853.20N 0061336.01W
KerryKER334 kHz521055.76N 0093128.16W
KillineyKLY378 kHz531610.42N 0060623.20W
LondonderryEGT328.5 kHz550243.85N 0070918.05W
RushRSH326 kHz533042.70N 0060637.92W
ShannonOL339 kHz524456.35N 0084926.02W
SligoSLG384 kHz541643.37N 0083600.28W
WaterfordWTD368 kHz521120.40N 0070500.04W

Lighthouse NDB’s

Baily Lt. H.BY289.0N53 21.7 W006 03.1
Eagle Island Lt. H.GL307.0N54 17.0 W010 05.5
Loop Head Lt. H.LP311.5N52 33.7 W009 55.9
Mizen Head Lt. H.MZ300.0N51 27.1 W009 48.8
Old Head of Kinsale Lt.OH288.0N51 36.3 W008 32.0
Tory Island Lt. H.TY313.0N55 16.4 W008 14.9
Tuskar Rock Lt. H.TR286.0N52 12.2 W006 12.4